1) Endlessly; The CAB
2) Lisztomania; Phoenix
3) Boulevard of Broken Dreams; Green Day
4) Classic; MKTO
5) Build God, Then We'll Talk; Panic! at the Disco
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Take it Easy

 i follow everyone back 
You keep complaining that you've been so busy yet you're always on tumblr posting shit. lol get a life, loser.


Don’t act like you know everything about my life - because you don’t. I’ve been busy working to make sure my family has food on the table and a roof over their head.

Every week, I just schedule thousands of posts to be posted every few minutes using Queue+.It lets me keep my blog active (and helps me gain followers without being online all the time.)

So before you guy making assumptions about my life, g et your facts straight. Maybe you’re the one that should get a life instead of sending anon hate on tumblr. :/

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